About BeccaRée

Once upon a time I was a mom… okay, I still am, but my children are older now and now I have grand babies and everyone calls me Grammy these days.

But once upon a time, when I was young and in trouble I used to be called by my full name: Rebecca Rèe. It must have happened a lot because my brother just younger than me was calling me Beccarèe from the time he could speak. He actually thought that was my name… not Becky (which was the name I was called as a child when I wasn’t in trouble). Beccarèe.

This blog is a collection. A hodgepodge of thoughts. Life. Creation. The wonder of motherhood. The joy of being a teacher. My obsession with crafting. And my new-found (10 years now… how can that be?) awe at grand-motherhood.

I never have any idea about what I am going to blog next. I just wait until something pokes at me long enough that I get it down so it won’t bother me anymore.

Happy Reading!!

Rebecca Rée


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